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Shree Ayyappa temple becomes the first temple in Thane to go solar

Annual savings estimated at 2,60,000 in the form of reduced electricity bills

9th October, 2017, Mumbai

Shree Ayyappa temple, Thane has chosen to go green by harnessing solar energy. The beautiful temple premises now adorn a 47 panels rooftop solar power plant that has been installed to generate 19,700 units of electricity annually. The temple trust is driven by positive impact this move will yield. "Opting for green energy is opting for a sustainable tomorrow. Adopting solar energy not only has a very positive effect to the environment but also results in great savings in the form of reduced electricity bills”, says Mr. Sushindran Menon, Treasurer, Shree Ayyappa Temple Trust.

Mr. M. Ravindran Nair, President, Shree Ayyappa Temple Trust adds, "savings matter of course, but there are also bigger things to look at. The world and especially India is harnessing solar energy to meet the energy demands as well as to tackle the problem of climate change. This is our humble contribution to the government's initiatives in solar sector for the betterment of our community and the environment."

The rooftop solar PV plant of 12.71 kWp capacity has been installed and commissioned by Avishakti Rooftop Solar Pvt. Ltd. “The initial investment for this project is around INR 8,95,010 and it will generate approximately 19,700 units annually. After applying subsidy, the breakeven period is expected to be around 2.5 years” says Animesh Manek, Founder and Director, Avishakti Rooftop Solar Pvt. Ltd. The solar PV plant will run on net-metering system, that allows the surplus power generated by it to be exported back to the grid and any deficiency is imported from the grid. The customer needs to pay only for the ‘net usage.

Though rooftop solar projects come with an initial investment that could be a bit high, in the long-term it results in huge savings. Animesh adds “The advantage will be reflected every month in the temple’s reduced electricity bills, the estimated annual savings as a result of this project is around INR 2,60,000/-. The subsidy plan by the government on residential rooftop solar projects reduces overall cost and adds to the end benefit to the customer.”

Talking about the inspiration behind the decision to go green, Mr. Chandra Mohan Pillai, Vice chairman, Shree Ayyappa Temple Trust comments, "embracing renewable energy echoes with our principle, - that of being one with nature. We hope this also encourages our followers to look at sustainable means of energy as it is also a form of service to the community."

"When a spiritual institution pledges commitment to the cause of green energy, it is truly inspiring” adds Animesh. This is the second project Avishakti Rooftop Solar has carried out for a temple, the first one being Shri Krishna Pranami Mandir, Bhuleshwar, Mumbai.

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