Thinking of going solar? Help us get you started.

On a rooftop in Mumbai, to generate 4- 4.5 units of electricity per day, you need 1KW of rooftop solar power plant. Here is what you can expect when you decide to go solar:

For residential customers

  1. Solar system of capacity 10 KWp requires an area of 1000 to 1200 sq. ft.
  2. Rooftop solar projects will be eligible for the 30% central government subsidy
  3. Break-even period* of around 4 years, after including subsidy benefit
  4. Net Metering policy helps to avoid batteries and reduces project cost

For commercial customers

  1. Rooftop Solar Power system of capacity 100 KWp requires an area of around 10,000 sq. ft.
  2. Claim 40% of total project cost as depreciation leading to huge income tax savings
  3. Break-even period* of around 3 years @ 8 / Unit
  4. Net Metering policy helps to avoid batteries and reduces project cost

What is NetMetering?

Here's an easy guide for you to understand the basics of an on-grid rooftop solar PV system. Get to know how your rooftop solar plant will help you reduce your electricity bills in this video by Avishakti Rooftop Solar Pvt Ltd.

Net Metering sometimes can be confusing. For more details, read our detailed blog post or get in touch with our team experts who can equip you with the information.

Requirement Analysis

We conduct free site evaluation to understand your solar requirements. Based on the study, we provide customized solutions that are best suited for you!


Design and Engineer

On the formal placement of project order our experts will design and integrate the rooftop solar system. We ensure unparalleled quality equipment for reliable and optimized performance.

Install and Commission

Our experts will carry out the installation as well as commissioning of the solar PV system. Also, they will test and verify that the set-up is fully functional and problem free!

Operate and Maintain

As a post installation service, we will conduct regular checks on the system’s functioning and provide maintenance for the same.

For free site inspection and queries on installing rooftop solar in your premises, get in touch with us here.

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