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Mumbai’s Ghatkopar gets its first residential rooftop solar plant!

Ghatkopar’s goes green as Shivshakti Heights adopts rooftop solar power.

Joining the initiative of adopting renewable means, Shivshakti Heights, a residential society in Ghatkopar has gone solar.

“We are delighted about becoming a part of the green initiative. Adopting solar energy is not only a smart move that results in savings but also contributes in bettering the environment by helping in reducing carbon footprint.” says Shri. Dinesh Doshi, resident and a member of Shivshakti Heights society.

The rooftop solar system is commissioned by Avishakti Rooftop Solar Pvt. Ltd who have installed the net metering enabled rooftop solar system in the premises. “The custom made 9.135kW system consists of 29 solar panels that uses 1100 sq. ft of rooftop area and will result in the generation of 14,600 units of electricity”, says Animesh Manek, Founder and Director, Avishakti Rooftop Solar Pvt. Ltd.

“The annual electricity consumption of the society is approx. 60,000 Units (kWh). By going solar we reduce the dependency on the electricity grid and thereby cut the electricity bills by 25%. The installed solar system will be lighting up the Lifts, Water pumps and Common lightning will result in estimated annual savings of ₹1,65,000” added Shri. Bharat Satra, resident and a member of Shivshakti Heights

The net-metering function works on the efficiently running system where the surplus power generated is exported back to the grid and any deficiency is imported from the grid. At the end you are charged by the electrical power supplier, in this case Reliance Energy, for the ‘net usage’.

“Rooftop solar power plants once installed will provide power for 25 years. The initial cost of installation may be a little high but you recover the same within 3-4 years and post that you not only get freedom from huge bills but also do your bit in contributing to making the environment pollution-free.” Shri. Jay Desai, Secretary, Shivshakti Heights adds.

“The government’s initiatives in pushing for adopting renewable means of energy has resulted in a lot of enthusiasm and awareness in people. We are receiving a lot of interesting queries around how to best leverage solar power and it is interesting to see how people are not only doing it for saving money but also for the bigger cause of making a better tomorrow” concludes Animesh.

Details of the rooftop solar power plant:

Shivshakti Heights CHS
Type of Establishment: Residential Complex
Location: Ghatkopar, Mumbai
Site Details:
Rooftop Area Used - 1100 sq. ft.
Sanctioned Load - 12 kW
Annual Electricity Consumption: Approx. 60,000 Units (kWh)
Per Unit Cost: More than Rs. 11.50/-

System Details:
Solar System Capacity: 9.135kWp
Estimated Generation: Approx. 14,600 Units
Estimated Annual Savings: More than ₹1,65,000

About Avishakti Rooftop Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Avishakti Rooftop Solar Pvt. Ltd are the experts in providing customized, turnkey rooftop solar solutions to residential and commercial premises. Avishakti Rooftop Solar’s key offerings include unique site and requirement study that is powered by shading analysis for the most accurate results. The custom made solutions also include premium equipment, engineering and design that includes superior features like 3D design, and the best in class installation and commissioning.

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