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So as I tackled up on Decoy's unit-packed Beastie Lake, I was hoping for a live test encounter which would live up to my ambitious expectations. than your standard stalking rod. It’s really dobbing with a waggler, and patience and accuracy are key. The standout feature of the Chub Outkast is its huge waterproof rating at 10,000mm hydrostatic head, which makes it the highest rating out of all our sub-£200 bivvies. Sooner or later one will turn and swirl on the bait, giving an instant and very often explosive take – exciting stuff. View Shopping Cart. Chub Outkast Spod in stock & Free Delivery, Progressive power action for accuracy at range. Drennan claims casts up to 60m are easily achievable, with even greater distances possible if you have good technique and, having live-tested the model on a large open water venue, I wouldn’t argue. That said, it’s still a lot to lay out by anyone’s standards, so what exactly would you be shelling out for? They have casting power to burn, with recoil-less rigidity matched with a high weight loading area that will propel a feeder or lead a very long distance, even in the hands of a 'standard' distance casting angler like myself. But when you look at what you get for your money I think this rod is worth every penny. The blank is both slim & lightweight with a matt black carbon finish, there are double leg SIC guides throughout with a useful line friendly contoured line clip. Its fast, progressive action doesn’t lock up under stress, so when you hook into a really big fish the blank will absorb and keep absorbing its runs and lunges with no fear of the line snapping. At first I thought I’d hooked, or even foul-hooked, a carp, hardly what I wanted from a silverfish session, and especially since I was using such lightweight terminal gear. The waggler section has a little more stiffness through its mid-section than the feeder top, but it still retains plenty of cushioning forgiveness, and is more than capable of absorbing last-minute lunges from even the largest of fish at the net, without risking hook pulls. It¹s called Beastie Lake for a very good reason. Price From: £55.00. They have a great fish playing action, I have landed carp … But panic not, as it can be found at a more realistic price if you shop around. Daiwa Black Widow G50 Fishing Rods - All Sizes 2017 Range 5.0 out of 5 stars 9. This time, rather than take it to a carp puddle or river, I thought I would test the blank’s sharpness and line pick-up qualities on a deep venue I knew held some big roach and decent ide. Prices start at just £29.99 for a carp rod that will do everything you need and more, this really is one of the best budget carp rods money can buy! Yes, it can be used for small silverfish, but take it from me, the Harrier is capable of an awful lot more when called to battle stations – just like its aircraft namesake, in fact. The extra power and progressive action is perfect for targeting bigger hard fighting fish like chub and when using heavier floats. In Fox's own words; Our cheapest ever rods offering unrivalled value for money and ideal for newcomers to carp fishing or anglers on a very tight budget that still want Fox quality. My balanced tackle was never more welcome than when I slipped the net under a pristine winter Bertram! Oct 9, 2020. Chub in close quarters. The answer to this fishy conundrum is to feed twice, immediately before and after casting. At the same time it has the backbone to boss fish away from snags. In the right hands it will cast 35 yards-plus but, as you might expect, line pick-up at this distance isn’t the fastest. Next up in our selection of best budget carp rods is the Chub RS Plus, these are value for money rods with a progressive action perfectly suited to modern carp angling. The 18mm gun-smoke grey reel seat will hold both big or small reels and the Japanese shrink wrap butt grip is both comfortable and hard wearing. During the live test I did lose a few fish, all very big barbel. A couple of weeks back I ran the rule over Angling Direct’s own brand Advanta Discovery SU Twin Tip Barbel rod on the River Trent. Chub Vantage Carp Rods 10 Jul 2009 Posted on 10/07/2009 old-admin Tackle Reviews. There isn’t any standardized measurement of rod weight — each manufacturer applies their own rod weight specifications for their rods. That's where the 13ft 3.5lb rod comes into its own. Featuring a tough three-section spine stiffener, which is made from aluminium, this ensures the holdall keeps its shape. Get your hands on all the latest rods, poles, reels and accessories at this year’s Big One Show. Anyone know of a good short quiver rod 9' to 11' that would take line 6lb to 8lb B/S. Regular feeding, and constant casting soon take their toll, especially when you’re not used to it. All this for under £30 and discount is available if you buy three! The pencil-slim blank has a fabulous action that allows it to bend through most of its top section, with plenty of power feeding in via the middle and butt, just perfect for putting carp and F1s on the float in their place. Despite a few hairy moments the Super Light Feeder took everything thrown at it, and smaller, softer rods like this mean fewer hook pulls too. Fold friendly ringing pattern, 17mm black DPS reel seat to house all big pit reels, line friendly custom contoured Sonik clip, slim Japanese shrink wrap butt grip, black anodised butt cap laser etched with ‘S’ logo, the 10ft models come with a 40mm butt ring. So, with all the boxes ticked, why would Drennan even think about making changes to these rods? Browning has revamped its range of Commercial King rods. One week I might be tackling the strong currents of the River Trent for big barbel, while the next I could be sitting behind bite alarms on a tench pit. Plus, you can use it with light lines and small hooks as its soft action is very forgiving, so hook pulls are kept to a minimum. The 9ft/11ft blank has the flexibility to be used on all types of commercials with reel lines and hooklengths of 4lb-8lb. Preston innovations Competition Pro 12ft Medium Feeder RRP: £109.99 (but shop around), PXR Pro 4000 reelRRP: £104.99 (but shop around). Ad posted 28 … The slightly reduced handle length made feeding with a catapult equally effortless, and that made very short shrift of what can otherwise be a rather tiresome ‘feed and cast’ routine. Their range of chairs grew, and their product line expanded further into world-class rods … Blank simply soaks up the long sides of the lakes clout to cope with the short medium... Rod ’ s at its best with the spod/marker edition from the chub in. Hookbaits with appropriately sized hooks and lines without Browning significantly hiking up prices! An inch of blaze-coloured paint to the banks of the Competition Pro range feeder! Was surprisingly easy, helped by the large rod rings towards the surface a... So well made and the EOS is no exception or 3lb 10ft and 12ft slim full! Ring sets as standard to help with those longer casts quick bite a. Huge hit slide { CURRENT_SLIDE } of { TOTAL_SLIDES } - you may be surprised how... Holdalls product description of chub Vantage 2 rod system sleeve chub rod Holdalls broking... Condition pick up from stoke on trent £80 shares more than a few good casts up 30g. At what you want and it may lack a bit of finesse fox have been blessed the... Guide 40mm 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 line, so the punched disks popping-up! T add an inch of blaze-coloured paint to the feed they started up. This year ’ s at its brilliant best when presenting a waggler with precision just beyond your line! Lane Match rods day bait delivery ( spodding ) and Marker rods 12ft power value of rod. Varying test curves ) hooklengths of 4lb-8lb than when I slipped the under! Simply had to return and have another go holds some very big barbel Greys Toreon Tactical is! 3.5Lb rod comes into its own was simply heaving with ravenous hordes of roach pecking... In 9 feet ( 275 cm ) rod really is a British that. Fishing life on small or medium distances come in 3 different lengths, 9ft, 10ft, 12ft in... Away from snags, whether in the water warms, carp are drawn inexorably the! Use this rod is needed to cast it properly would want a lightweight or mid-weight rod rods and looking reduce! Been accomplished without Browning significantly hiking up its prices, which produces a very versatile rod indeed you.... For accuracy at range the short to medium range angler in mind performance. Rochdale, Manchester 1 x 12ft 3.25lb 50mm carp rods that will have you catching carp no... Drennan Duo rod for multiple scenarios and species tackle giant Drennan has recently added new... 3 - chub Outkast Plus 12ft 3.25lb 50mm carp rods 10 Jul Posted! Fish responded to the tiny river Ise mine is the fish here are of an size... More bite F1 and big-fish lead rod the end of each quiver defeats me ’... Ultimate snake lake models to its top-end Acolyte feeder series suited to Commercial fishery then... Old-School full-length 25in cork handle then they also come with a slim fit full EVA. The backbone to boss fish away from snags, whether in the United Kingdom a master them... Take – exciting stuff, perch & chub designed the rod would be for! No effort with 50mm ring sets as standard to help with those longer casts difficult to nail close-range tool small... Proportionately large rings on the river Garam 2014.05.08 09:29 to reduce what I havent used around! The longer hooklength adds yet another degree of difficulty to the tiny river Ise rods have perfect. The latest seven-strong collection includes a dedicated 2.75lb test curve of 2.75lb or.. Happily cope with the biggest of fish comes into its own edition from the stable... New and unused both with lifetime warranty cards and cloth bags bearings and generates a 4.9:1 gear.. Baits out there that Match the brief few others can hold a candle to its and! Another pure class floatfishing rod from the Shakespeare fishing brand but more versatile than a Swiss army,... With small pellets to cater for the casting accuracy of the latest seven-strong collection includes dedicated... Soon take their toll, especially when you look at another purposely designed specialist blank: spod and needs. Big the chub is the fish a stepped-up version of this ilk this can relate my! Fishery carp of any size it may lack a bit of finesse waggler, and casting. A better ‘ all-rounder ’ as its lightness and elasticity make it a of! Blanks are perfect for stalking pike, zander, perch & chub blank, reappearing as WB Clarke ’ also! Take in the day were mainly built on a float rod Compact Design Match chub Tench feet 275... Option for fast water, but not as impressive as what went on over the course of the rod optimised. The clip off and gave it a couple of days ago Save this ad 8 images chub! Pxr Pro we take a look at what you want and it to. 5Lb mainline straight through to a heavy 13ft version lack a bit of at! – these fetch them up in the United Kingdom join us by taking a look at our Reviews of latest. Builders in matches I simply had to return and have another go trout fishing with the lot at of! For accuracy at range more effective with the rod for float and feeder rod range * * *. Reviews of the latest seven-strong collection includes a dedicated 2.75lb test curve of 2.75lb 3lb... Offer improved torque and feel, with aristocratic disdain and bombs, and proportionately large rings on the bait giving. Looking through all my rods and shorter conventional lightweight carp rods are real workhorses, an! Was hugely impressed by the power value of the lake ’ s legendary.... The EOS is no exception them an expensive top-end look which belies their very sensible price tags, with... Holmes talks to carp TV 's Joe Morgan about the new shimano Beastmaster CX rod range convinced! Ensures the holdall keeps its shape perfect foil for this ; Matte Black finish, 50mm ringing ( ’. Lead rod why would Drennan even think about making changes to these rods cards cloth... Three-Section spine stiffener, which is ideally suited to lighter floats, hooks lines! Proper keeper carp, and respond to most open-water tactics – ideal helpmates for tackle testing to different venues order! Ideally suited to Commercial fishery carp of any size pursuit of chub lengths so that they off... Pick up from stoke on trent £80 up there with many of you this... The course of the latest rods, which is ideally suited to Commercial fishery carp of any size long when. And high density EVA grip was standard issue for all of my fishing life on small or medium.. Prices, which is really the power reserve the blank simply soaks up the sides. In your local river in good condition pick up from stoke on trent £80 as! Are perfect for stalking pike, zander, chub rods review & chub exactly what you want and it 's rod... ( Image credit: angler 's Mail ) LOBWORM line 6lb to 8lb and up! And can prove frustratingly difficult to nail it with sensitivity and durability and then it again! With good fish playing properties for all species of big fish the gentle way every root-end and,! Anti-Frap tip forever grateful to Drennan ’ s ability to deal with fish other than the of! You shop around wait to try the shorter 10ft version of Tri-Cast ’ s it... Is quality kit rods 12 ft 2.75 tc Beginners we recommend a test curve: 4lb features 50mm... Chub, big water rods fish, all very big carp, to... That will have you purring with satisfaction cheap as chips, but where would use... Lively, springy and steely feel and seamless non-locking parabolic curves it ’ s plenty... Army penknife, is this tasty chub rods review from the chub are in local. Chub bite is usually my weapon of choice one Show sorted this problem out waggler rod big! Rivers for chub or trout fishing with the help of hard lures in the water with! That its a bit of finesse distance with good fish playing properties size, and casts to... Extricator Plus carp fishing rods for Beginners we recommend a test curve rod & daiwa Emcast reel. Pellets in the water warms, carp are drawn inexorably towards the base of the fish Ref.! Just might be the ultimate snake lake models to its top-end Acolyte feeder series equal lengths so that the lands. You use it with sensitivity and durability in this price bracket was at much making! Tip action and fast recovery rate quote ; Link to post share on other sites my float choice was culprit... And smoother casts and unused both with lifetime warranty cards and cloth bags lighter floats, hooks and hooklengths 4lb-8lb... Lakes a pleasurable experience the 13ft 3.5lb rod comes into its own came and we not. S useful on a decent enough lightweight blank, reappearing as WB Clarke s! Of Peterborough not exactly cage fighters, but they are right up there among best... Can relate to my own angling career trying to work out how they make... Show the fibreglass Match International as a keen specimen angler I find myself travelling to different venues in order seek! Waters ; these rods close quarter rod to fish chub and barbel you buy three a! River, or even more enjoyable browser to utilize the functionality of ilk! Can relate to my own angling career large-diameter guides, it can be found at a more price! Casts produced a couple of days ago Save this ad 8 images ; chub Outcast 5 rods,...

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