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The smartest thing that you will do today is to reach out for the sun. It will be worth it, we promise. Tap into the power of the sun from your own rooftop and you not only save those big bucks, but also do your bit for the environment. Solar power is free, once you install the system – after recovering the installation cost you pay nothing for electricity. Rooftop solar power is also green and clean energy – which means not using coal for electricity, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Now if that’s not a win-win, what will be?

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Avishakti Rooftop Solar Pvt Ltd – An Introduction

Meet our team

Only the brightest and most passionate minds can create excellence
Animesh Manek

Animesh Manek


A dual MTech from Florida Institute of Technology, Animesh clubbed his international education and 4 years of field expertise to found Avishakti Solar. An astute rooftop solar specialist, Animesh has been a robust force driving Avishakti to success, one rooftop at a time. In his part time, Animesh loves networking within the solar industry, reading about the solar industry, studying about the solar industry. Yes, he breathes this industry and is pretty much a nerd when it comes to solar power technology.

Prashant Sharma

Prashant Sharma

Operations Manager

A brilliant mind with a BTech in Production Engineering from NIT Surat, Prashant brings 6 years of experience with mechanical maintenance engineering in manufacturing sector. He is spearheading the strategy, installation, and commissioning of Avishakti Rooftop Solar's projects. When he is not thinking about work, he is thinking about food and can be seen exploring street food in his spare time.

Shantanu Kumbhar

Shantanu Kumbhar

Technical Design Engineer

An electrical engineering graduate from The University of Mumbai, Shantanu has around 2 years of experience in field of solar system engineering. As design engineer at Avishakti Rooftop Solar, Shantanu's primary responsibility is to carry out site visit evaluation and work on designing of rooftop solar systems.

Rithesh Shetty

Rithesh Shetty

Technical Design Engineer

A B Tech in electrical engineering from the University of Mumbai, Rithesh brings 2 years of experience as electrical site engineer in construction industry. Acting as the Rooftop Solar Design Engineer at Avishakti Rooftop Solar, Ritesh is responsible for site visits and system designs.

Pramod Kumar Sharma

Pramod Kumar Sharma

Technical advisor

Retired Section Engineer from the Indian Railways, Mr. Pramod is an electrical engineer with more than 45 years of experience as in-charge of maintenance and electrical operations for railway housing divisions.

He brings his electrical technology expertise as well as years of experience and knowledge to the table, acting as the project and installation technical adviser for Avishakti Solar. His unmatched and exceptional quality inputs ensure top notch results for our solar power plant installations improving reliability and output.

Prithviraj Pawar

Prithviraj Pawar

Technical Advisor

With 4 years of robust experience in the Solar PV + Storage industry, Mr. Prithviraj has been involved in leading efforts with designing, optimization and efficient process development of over 700MW worth projects across USA and Asia. Leveraging his technical acumen along with his Masters from The George Washington University, Prithviraj is on team Avishakti Solar as the project and design technical adviser. He actively contributes to the ideas for designing and installations of our projects ensuring world-class quality of our project visions and system designs.

Vilas Thube

Business Development Consultant

Vilas Thube is a mechanical engineer from VJTI and also an Industrial Engineer from Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering, carries 39 years of rich and varied experience with Indian MNC and MSME environments.

Vilas explores his experience to identify, educate & train client to develop effective and sustainable solar roof top alternatives. He understands client side constraints/limitation in depth to evolve very unique and client specific proposal at all time. For him, installing solar is not a Business alone but is a social obligation to ensure a GREENER & CLEANER environment for our next generation.

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